Whether you’ve got an old bomb, a write-off, or a car that won’t start, we guarantee you one thing: it’s been sitting on your property for too long.

A day goes by, a week goes by, a year goes by – and that thing is still there!

Coastal Auto Traders offer cash for cars in Broadmeadow, safely removing your unwanted vehicle and putting cash in your hand at the same time.

Our highly-regarded cash for car service in Broadmeadow and Greater Newcastle is easy and stress-free. Here’s how it works:

We offer cash for all cars in Broadmeadow

From written-off vehicles to rusted shells, Coastal Auto Traders don’t discriminate when it comes to cash for car services in Broadmeadow. We take pretty much every vehicle you can think of, while putting cash straight into your hands:

  • Old car removal
  • Scrap car removal
  • Unwanted car removal
  • Used car removal
  • Cash for car removal
  • Wrecked car removal
  • Accident car removal
  • Damaged car removal

We take your car > you get cash

We do all the work and you get the cash – sounds pretty good, right? We offer Broadmeadow residents cold, hard cash when they call up Coastal Auto Traders for a cash for car service.

  • Cash for damaged cars
  • Cash for old bombs
  • Cash for cars that don’t start
  • Cash for written-off cars
  • Cash for all makes and model of car

Why we pay cash for cars in Broadmeadow:

Newcastle residents benefit from our cash for car service thanks to one simple reason: we’re scrap metal professionals who recycle your unwanted car. So, while that write-off or old bomb is useless to you, it’s useful to us. That’s why we’re able to offer cash for all cars in Broadmeadow.

Choosing our Broadmeadow cash for car service: the perks

Our Broadmeadow cash for car service comes with other benefits, too:

  • Environmental benefits
    Coastal Auto Traders employ environmentally-friendly methods in our cash for car service. We minimise landfill by recycling as much of your car as possible, giving the materials a new life.
  • Increased safety
    Damaged vehicles present a safety hazard with their jagged edges or broken parts. Don’t let your pets or children be injured simply due to a damaged vehicle on the property. We solve this problem and increase safety on your property.
  • Curb appeal
    Leaving an old bomb or written-off vehicle can have a negative effect on your home’s curb appeal. Get rid of it and add value back to your property.

Coastal Auto Traders are your local specialists for cash for cars Broadmeadow. Since 2005 Grant and the team at Coastal Auto Traders have been offering their cash for car service and old junk car removal service. We take care of everything for you, so you no longer have to worry about what to do with your old, unwanted vehicle. Get in touch today!

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