When you need help getting rid of an old, unwanted or damaged bike in Cardiff, NSW, Coastal Auto Traders are just a phone call away. We not only offer our highly-regarded bike removal service in Cardiff, but we’re able to offer cash for bikes too.

We’re known for offering cash for bikes right across the greater Newcastle and Central Coast regions, including collections in Cardiff. Our zero-fuss, zero-stress service will see your bike be removed safely and promptly, and cash be put in your pocket.

Get rid of your old, dangerous or unwanted bike in Cardiff

Sometimes, a bike has no place on the road – or you simply have no need for it anymore. This might include written-off bikes, damaged bikes, old bikes and unfinished projects. If you’ve got a bike like this in Cardiff, call us up and we’ll take care of it, freeing up space on your Cardiff property.

  • Old bike removal
  • Damaged bike removal
  • Unwanted bike removal
  • Used bike removal
  • Dangerous bike removal
  • Wrecked bike removal
  • Accident bike removal

We’ll pay cash for your motorbike in Cardiff

Our Cardiff cash for bikes service is simple. We do all the work and you get the cash! We arrive at your property, quickly and safely removing your old bike. Our cash for bikes service in Cardiff includes:

  • Cash for damaged bikes
  • Cash for old bikes
  • Cash for bikes that don’t start
  • Cash for written-off bikes
  • Cash for all makes and model of bike

Bike scrapping in Cardiff

The reason why we offer free bike removal plus cash for bikes is because we’re in the scrap metal industry. We use your old motorbike for scrap, giving its materials a new life. This is the best solution for everyone, and we’re happy to offer it.

Why choose us for cash for bikes Cardiff?

When you take advantage of our cash for bikes service, you’re doing:

  • Good for the environment
    At Coastal Auto Traders, your bike is recycled, rather than just sitting around and rusting and eventually being dumped into landfill.
  • Good for your home
    An old or damaged bike presents a safety hazard for everyone at home, particularly young children and pets. We remove that safety hazard sitting on your Cardiff property.
  • Good for your curb appeal
    Leaving an old, rusty bike can have a negative effect on your home’s curb appeal. Get rid of it and add value back to your property.

Coastal Auto Traders are your local specialists for cash for bikes Cardiff. Since 2005 Grant and the team at Coastal Auto Traders have been offering their cash for bikes service and old junk car removal service. We take care of everything for you, so you no longer have to worry about what to do with your old, unwanted motorbike. Get in touch today!

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