Do you have an old unwanted, scrap car rusting away that you want to be removed from your property? One of the main services we provide here at Coastal Auto Traders is car removals in Newcastle. No matter where you are located or the condition of your vehicle we will come and provide free car removal so you get to be rid of it. We always get asked by our car removals Newcastle customers why we offer a free car removal service and pay cash for unwanted, old, junk cars. The answer is quite simple really. We are in the scrap metal game and we break up old cars that we get from our car removals and either sell spare parts or sell the whole car for scrap metal and get paid for it.

Being a car removal Newcastle based company that understands the need to take good care of the environment, our car removal processes are safe and very friendly to the environment. None of our operations is designed to harm the environment in any way and our car removal and disposal process are eco-friendly and have been designed to leave the least effect on the environment.

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We are proud to offer car removals service for all types of vehicles

We can remove your car & Pay cash as fast as an hour! 

Call us at 0405 765 387 for an Instant FREE cash quote

If your car is in working order might fix it up at our expense and resell it on the used car market. Either way, we need old, unwanted used cars on a regular basis to make a living doing this. So that’s where you come in. You might think your car is worth nothing but we would be willing to pay cash for your car on the spot and then take it away and assess the best way to monetize it. Think of those guys who pick up junk from deceased estates or from storage lockers that have been left unpaid for years, we are pretty much the same. 


Whether you have a scrap Toyota, a used Subaru, a wrecked Ford, a totalled Mitsubishi or any other type of vehicle in any condition, we are ready to offer you FREE car removals in addition to putting up to $20k on your pocket for the car. You really have no reason stopping you from calling Coastal Auto Traders Car Removal to find out the value of your old car and get a no-obligation offer for the car.

Our car removal services in Newcastle and surrounding areas is very flexible meaning no matter the time of day or day of the week we are happy to organise someone to come out and value your car at a time that suits you. We know people work and are busy so we will work in with you. Just let us know a convenient time to come out and value your car, we’ll organise our car removals service and also pay you for your car if that’s what is agreed.

Are you ready for a FREE instant cash offer on your car you desire to be removed? All you have to do is call Coastal Auto Traders Car Removal at 0405 765 387, then one of our auto appraisers will get in touch with you to ask a few details about your cars to organise the preparation of an offer appropriate to the current value of your car. 

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get the best cash for CARS Newcastle

Coastal Auto Traders are the Cash for Car Newcastle & Car Removal experts. To sell a car for cash or for old, junk and scrap car removals on the Central Coast or in Newcastle call us for a same-day quote to get cash for your car or to book a free car removal service.

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