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Do you want to sell your car for cash? Live in Newcastle or the Central Coast and want cash for your car? Call the team at Coastal Auto Traders for a free valuation of your car and get top dollar paid for your car today.

We specialise in buying used cars. Generally, there are two types of used cars we will buy.

The first category is old, junk scrap cars, you know the type that sits around gathering dust and rusting away on a front nature strip or driveway somewhere. These cars are worth something and our car removals service on the Central Coast and Newcastle will come to your place and pick it up and take it away for you. In a lot of cases, we'll pay cash for cars like these and take it away the same day.

The other category is used late model or older cars that are still in working order. This type of car might be a damaged car that has been in an accident but still works ok. In this case, we need to value your car and come up with an offer that is fair and reasonable for both parties. What we do know is that in over 90% of our valuations we can offer more money than your local used car dealer. 

Sell your late model Ford, Holden, Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW, AUDI, Hyundai or any model for that matter.

We don't care what type of car it is actually, as long as it still goes and you have all the paperwork.

  1. Call for a free over phone valuation
  2. Agree in principle on the price 
  3. We will come out and inspect your car & provide final valuation
  4. Accept the quote and we settle the same day
  5. We remove your car and take it away

It's very easy to sell your car for cash in Newcastle and the Central Coast with Coastal Auto Traders.


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