How Much is My Car Worth

This is the number one question we get asked every day. Everyone that wants to sell a car for cash asks this question. The answer is ” it all depends”. In order for us to give you a reasonably accurate estimate of your cars worth we need to know the age, the model, how many km it has done, its current condition, if it is still registered and if there is any dents or rust.

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Once we know these bits of information we can give you an idea of what you can expect. Our cash for cars Newcastle and Central coast valuations vary quite a bit because every car is different.

So when you call us for a valuation to answer your question how much is my car worth, make sure you provide us with the information we need. Even with our free car removals service we often give out cash for cars that are still in reasonable working order. You never know until you find out. 

Every case is different so it’s pretty hard to give you an answer to your question how much is my car worth without doing a proper valuation. The best way for that to happen is to give us a call for an over the phone estimate. Our car buyer in Newcastle will come out and value your car in person and then if you agree on the price we’ll do a deal right then and there.

It all comes down to how old your car is and what condition it currently is in. Whether it’s a late model car that has plenty of rego left, or if it’s an old rustbucket sitting around doing nothing.

Everyone wants to know before we come out how much is my car worth but to tell you the truth you won’t really know it’s true value until we provide a proper in-person valuation. You might get lucky and your car valued at anywhere up to $12,000 or you could luck out where we might offer you a couple of hundred dollars and offer to take it away for free.

You see our car removals Newcastle service picks up junk cars every single day and they are literally worth no more than the scrap metal they come with. But often we pay cash for cars alongside our free car removal service so everyone ends up happy. 

If you have a car sitting around on your nature strip, in your backyard rusting away doing nothing, or a used late model car that you simply want to get some cash for, give the team at Coastal Auto Traders a call today.

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